Comped by Bill Kearney: Review

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Many refer to this book as a well-crafted tragedy. Some even go so far and claim that it can be used as a gambling-repellent. Figure out why for yourself by reading this review where you will find all the necessary information you might be interested in regarding this Bill Kearney’s title.

Comped: When Fun Turns into Tragedy

This book is what the gambling industry doesn’t want you to read. No, it will not teach you how to win at roulette or slots — it will tell you why exactly you should never walk into a casino. Comped follows the life of a well-off businessman who has it all. Unfortunately, it is one of those stories that goes something along these lines — from zero to hero and then back. Yes, you probably guessed it — a successful man decides to blow off some steam by hitting the sweet Atlantic City. Soon enough, his life becomes a nightmare, as he becomes easy prey for bright-colored, thrilling, and exciting machines and tables.

It is guaranteed that you will look at casinos and the gambling industry with different eyes after you read this book. Fun can easily turn into vice, and that’s what our anti-hero finds out too late. Once a successful businessman ends up losing his business, wife, and son due to the addiction he couldn’t fight off. And that’s how his adventures in the casinos started. He was living it up and doubling down in Atlantic City. Kearney crafted this story so well that you will feel as if you were right there behind our protagonist as the book unfolds.

Richie was his name, and he witnessed the expansion of casinos in Atlantic City. Richie happens to find himself in a lavish penthouse suite, courtesy of the Golden Mines Hotel and Casino. The author leads us through the life of a man comped in casinos. The scenes where there are helicopters and lavish penthouses offer readers an insight into the early days of casino resorts.

Additionally, the author left everyone dumbstruck with his ability to amaze readers through his characters. When reading this book, you will get a feeling that it was penned by the author in the casinos of Atlantic City since he perfectly described what a roller-coaster ride gambling can be. Kearney showed us all what it feels like to lose a family member or a friend, thinking that you can have the ride of a lifetime winning huge bets and chasing after jackpots and lush life.

In this book, you can see what it feels like to get into trouble with the authorities, losing your family, wife, a kid — everything that truly matters in life. The author wrote about the main character, Richie, as if he knew him. He reveals his short-lived glory and silently indicates that the fate our hero experienced could happen to any of us. After all, there is a high price to pay for leading such a life. Kearney made sure that everyone who reads this book finds out what it feels like to be in Richie’s shoes. He probably wants to teach everyone a lesson about gambling.


Anyone who read this book must have felt awful and terrified in the end. The story is set in the late eighties, and when you consider that nowadays, there are millions of places where people can gamble both online and offline, well, it’s natural to feel afraid. So learn from Richie’s mistakes — don’t let your life get pulled apart by the claws of the gambling industry. This book is a must-read for every gambling enthusiast and for every single person who is curious about roulette wheels, slot machines, and games of luck in general.

2 thoughts on “Comped by Bill Kearney: Review”

  1. On the market that is full of books about different casino games and strategies, it is rather refreshing to see one advising people against the activity. The original purpose of gambling was having fun, but there have been numerous cases of people abusing it and subsequently descending into addiction. I find the review quite comprehensive, so I will definitely read this book.

  2. I read this book a few years ago out of curiosity, and I consider it to be very useful in the process of fighting gambling addiction. I vaguely remember the story, but I know that it had a great impact on me back then. In my opinion, everyone who is contemplating gambling should read it, as it may prevent some major issues the activity can cause.

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