Dice Angel by Brian Rouff — Review

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Jimmy Delaney is an honest man on a bad roll. He is the protagonist of Brian Rouff’s debut novel ‘Dice Angel’ where we get to witness one man’s fall and rise. Brian Rouff really struck a chord with this novel with many gamblers and ex-gamblers, so it is definitely worth taking a look at.

Dice Angel — When Gambling Comes as a Blessing in Disguise

Truth be told, many didn’t think much of this book from the first few chapters. And no one can point any fingers since the book cover looks pretty simple with a dull gray color, and even darker gray letters spelling the name of this novel. But don’t let that stop you from making the grave mistake of not reading it. Never judge a book by its cover.

Shortly after finishing the first couple of chapters, the story gets quite exciting, and soon enough, it was impossible to put it down. The storyline is quite dynamic since the chapters are short and packed with action. Of course, many identify with the hero, Jimmy D, a middle-aged man who owns a bar with huge debts, and it all starts going downhill really quickly for him. Addiction to gambling, illness, betrayal, burglary — all of these tortured our hero. Jimmy could be your neighbor or even your best friend. After all, strange are life’s ways, so you might even become Jimmy at one point in your life. But please, try not to. He is divorced, and we witness his bar getting burglarized. All of a sudden his accountant (his ex-brother-in-law) is missing, the money from gambling machines was stolen, and Jimmy’s world is slowly falling apart.

Everyone was betrayed at least once in their life. On top of that, most have probably been in debt at one point in their life as well, so most readers will probably be able to relate to our protagonist. The way Rouff described Jimmy’s life, all the burdens and all the silver linings (there were not plenty of those though), it all makes a reader feel for Jimmy. Even though he is not a perfect guy, one cannot help but begin loving him.

Rouff has a special way of leading us from one twist to another in this book. He even introduced Jimmy’s savior in such a way that no one could have even suspected that one of his bar’s most loyal clients could actually become his light at the end of the tunnel. Rouff perfectly displays what ups and downs in life are. He also teaches us that Fortune bends her knee to no one — it has no master.

However, the author also has an important message to spread here — you reap what you sow. Now, having witnessed Jimmy’s transformation, the universe decided to give credit where credit was due. The medium of this credit was a game called craps and a companion by the name Amaris. This character is quite an interesting one and is an important piece of the puzzle you have to solve yourself.


Find this book and read it to learn about Jimmy’s fate — it will be worth it. No one could even tell that the author started off as a freelance writer who specialized in advertisement. The book is that good. Rouff also wrote Money Shot in 2004 and one chapter of Restless City in 2009. Besides that, he is also a regular contributor to the Las Vegas CityLife.

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