Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling by David G. Schwartz – Review

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How did gambling come to existence? Where did it come from? How did it change through the years? If you like casino games, card games, and games of chance, then you have to read this. This book is a true time machine, where you can go back in time and see how it all happened.

Roll the Bones: The History of Gambling — A Time Machine Book You Don’t Want to Miss

Thank you, David G. Schwartz, for giving us the first narrative history of gambling. This book is a must-read since it covers gambling all the way from the Stone Age, up to the Internet era. On top of that, it is not only a simple timeline story where you just read about events, people who changed gambling and introduced innovations. The author explains every event with a background story — it is not dull, nowhere near like some history books.

It all starts with prehistoric times and knucklebones. There, you will learn about the roots of gambling. The story then progresses and even touches upon religions. You wouldn’t believe it, but there are signs in the Bible and sacred Hindu writings that prove the existence of gambling. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans knew how to gamble. Our historian, David G. Schwartz has got it all covered. Readers are then introduced to the Middle Ages and the mysterious inventions of playing cards in China. You probably didn’t know that the Chinese invented card games. The author will make sure you don’t forget this after reading the book.

Running illegal gambling operations was inevitable, especially after countries tried to eradicate it the moment it started to speak like wildfire. Schwartz tells the epic story of the birth of casino and table games. From Venice and Baccarat to England, and then throughout the world. The author tells true stories of how individuals used to spread gambling. He also explains how lotteries financed some of the first American colonies. Colonists did gamble, no matter how wild it sounds.

The book then takes you to the Civil War and the Old West, and explains how soon enough, crime rates skyrocketed exactly due to illegal gambling operations. Gambling dollars soon transformed Las Vegas into a gambling hotspot, and you get to be there thanks to the author. Right there on the sidelines, watching it all rise. This book has tons of significant people such as George Washington, Casanova, and Steve Wynn. You cannot miss out on this epic story of gambling and earliest casino resorts. Oh, yes, from the earliest days of Atlantic City, all the way to the 21st century and places that heavily rely on gamblers to boost the tourism figures in the region.

Schwartz will show you how humans have always been fascinated by the games of odds and chances — games where a player has to take a risk in order to win. The author provided us with a compelling look at the history of gambling which now spreads out into numerous industries. Nowadays, there’s online gambling, casino gambling, sports betting, etc. It is entertaining, informative, and provocative. All the way from the olden times to the times of elegance, luxury, and sweet Nevada, Las Vegas strip, and Atlantic City, etc.


Witness the transformations of global gaming culture. Get this book and provide yourself with a time machine, a machine that will take you back in time and explain to you how, when, and where it all started. Peer into the gambling traditions of the ancient ages or into today’s global gaming, it’s up to you. This book has it all.

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