The Kama Sutra of Poker by Victor Irons

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Poker and sex? What comes to your mind when you hear these two words one after another? Explore human nature, the ins and outs of poker, and the exciting world of gambling with this gem coming from the man himself, Victor Irons. There is Kama Sutra in the title for a reason.

The Kama Sutra of Poker — Real Life Experiences You Get to Live out Through a Book

Victor Irons is the man behind this novel, and he is well-versed in gambling. Born and raised in southern California, he had more than enough opportunities to learn everything and anything about poker. Texas Hold’Em is the game that people there play and worship. The author started things off early in his childhood with poker. As he grew both as a player and as a person, he started learning the processes and behavioral patterns of people sitting by his side playing the game he was so good at.

In this book, not only do you have a chance to follow the life of our hero, but you also have an opportunity to peer into his lucid humor and a selection of peculiar characters. Fortunately for readers, Victor describes years and years of his adventures as a poker player. He played both cash and tournament games, and he learned a lot about the human mind. Poker is not just a money game — this book isn’t like others on the same topic. The author oftentimes seems like a psychologist, leading us through people’s minds and accurately displaying mistakes that led to major losses.

As a reader, you get an opportunity to see how you can read the person sitting across from you and use that to your advantage. Victor explains that good players are the ones that understand the complexity of both the game and human psychology. On top of that, the author has a wicked sense of humor. Truth be told, not everyone out there will know how to appreciate his wits, since he always has a lot of questionable things to say throughout the book.

All of you out there who enjoy playing poker should read this book since it can also serve as a mini-guide to poker, thanks to the author’s own knowledge of the game. This book lures you in and makes it all seem like you are right there, looking into the cards and faces of both our protagonist and his opponents. Last but not least, Victor magnificently used the oldest sexual positions in reference to situations with which poker players have to deal with on a daily basis. If there was a single word to best describe KSoP, well, it would probably be rebellious or revolutionary.


Winning isn’t the only word that matters in this book. Seeing that winning every time isn’t possible, even though many other books on poker tell you that it is, here you have a chance to truly see all the numerous aspects of this game and how they connect to other things in life.

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