The Best and Worst of 2012

1 Jan

Best and Worst As a welcome to 2013, I’d like to pick the best and worst books I read this past year in 2012. This is a special post for me this year because, unlike last year which only consisted of half a years worth of books due to the fact that I had started my blog in the middle of the year, this year I was able to blog about a full years worth of reading. I was also lucky enough to be able to work with various authors and publishing companies including Astor+Blue Editions, who allowed me to read some of their work. This gave you, the readers, a mixture of reviews from my personal library and from books that were randomly sent to me, which I might not have otherwise reviewed.

Looking back while trying to pick the best and worst books, I realized it has been quite a year. I read some incredible books that made picking a winner difficult, but there were also some very disappointing stand outs. So without further adieu, here are my picks for the best and worst books I read and reviewed on Without a Book in 2012!


I hadn’t read a book in a long time that I was essentially giddy to read. The story is fascinating, and the author’s voice and personality are perfectly represented here. It isn’t for everyone because of the author’s very strong views, but these are the real stories of soldiers defending our American freedom. I usually read a lot of fiction books and being able to read a nonfiction book like this one really breaks up the monotony that I can feel looking at my bookshelf sometimes. This is an excellent read all around, and I would rave about it to anyone.

Read the original review here.

WorstAs Above ~ So Below

This book was the hardest one I had to get through for my blog. There were many times I wanted to put it down and just not finish. I think it even sat for a month on page ten without any progress. But it’s impossible for me not to finish a book because I have a strong need to know if it gets better. Unfortunately, it didn’t. There were so many flaws that go against what a standard book should be. I don’t know how this book got written because the writing process is difficult and you need to be really into your story. This book is literally a chronicle of simple daily activities. I respect the fact the writer created this piece of work and is trying to sell it, but sometimes your creations should just be for your own enjoyment and not for sale to the general public because it just doesn’t resonate well enough to merit publication. This book was one that should’ve been kept under wraps.

Read the original review here.


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