Dad is Fat

26 Jun


Author: Jim Gaffigan

Genre: Memoir

First Published: 2013

Page Count: 272

Type: Hardcover

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 5/5 Stars

A hilarious, semi-serious look at parenting through comedian Jim Gaffigan’s chaotic home life.


*Hilarious jokes on every page     *Unique parenting perspective


*Some jokes are repeats from his standup routine

Jim Gaffigan wrote a book? Isn’t he the Hot Pocket guy?” Whether you’re familiar with Jim Gaffigan’s comedy or not, this laugh-out-loud collection of parenting stories is sure to appeal to people with or without children. Gaffigan covers everything from common parenting woes like feeding your children candy, to his own unique parenting challenges such as trying to survive with five kids in a two bedroom apartment with his wife. This is not a parenting how-to book, this is the book that brings parents together to commiserate through comedy about the difficulties of parenting and for those of us that are childless, it reminds us to savor the joys that come from not having little ones.

I’m a pretty big fan of Jim Gaffigan and I was even lucky enough to see him perform his live stand-up comedy last summer. When I heard he was writing a book, I knew I had to snag a copy. The book was even better than I thought it would be. Some books that are supposed to be completely focused on comedy fall short near the end, but Gaffigan’s book is funny from cover to cover. And I literally mean cover to cover; pick up the book next time you’re in a book store and try not to laugh at the image on the back cover. Besides bringing to light the obvious challenges of raising children, Gaffigan is able to bring a new twist on the subjects because of his unique lifestyle which makes the stories even more entertaining.  His chapters dedicated to explaining what it’s like to raise children in New York City were not only entertaining for me but it was completely eye-opening. Frankly, I have no clue how his family makes it work day in and day out in a cramped two bedroom apartment without a car and five kids to shuttle around the city.

Like I said I completely loved this book, but the one minor issue I had with it was that some of his jokes were straight out of his stand-up comedy routines. For someone that has seen him live and watched all of the DVDs of his stand-up, it was not difficult to pick up on these passages. When I realized I’d heard the joke before it made me want to skip the paragraph and move on to the fresh jokes. However, the jokes that he puts in the book are his classic lines that have made him famous. You can’t blame him for going with what works and in the end, who knows? Maybe I would’ve missed a Hot Pocket or happy camper reference if he hadn’t added them in?

Dad is Fat is such a fantastic book. If you’ve never listened to Gaffigan’s comedy then let this be your gateway. If you’re already a fan then this book is the perfect way to get your fill of Gaffigan comedy before the release of his next stand-up DVD. It’s a blast of instant humor and a big bonus is there are a ton of family photos that add to every silly parenting story Gaffigan reveals. If anyone deserves a bestseller it’s Gaffigan. One of my favorite comedians and now one of my favorite authors!


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