The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

5 Jul

TheShortSecondLifeofBreeTanner(SKIP IT)

Author: Stephenie Meyer

Genre: Paranormal YA

First Published: 2010

Page Count: 178

Type: Hardcover

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Note: Spin off story from the Twilight series

*Worst Book of 2013 on Without a Book

An interesting read for fans of the Twilight saga, but that’s about all it’s worth.


*Alternate view of the Twilight story


*Too short     *Not a stand alone book

The newspaper headline glared at me from under a little metal vending machine: SEATTLE UNDER SIEGE-DEATH TOLL RISES AGAIN.” Bree Tanner was turned into a vampire and has been trying to acclimate to her new coven of fellow newborn vampires. The vampires are rowdy and uncontrollable and their leader is mysterious about his intentions for the group. Bree must decide whether she should blindly follow the orders of her new “family” or whether she can figure out how to live like a vampire on her own.

I’d read the Twilight saga back in high school and when this book was released, I didn’t really feel the need to read it in order to feel like I’d gotten the most out of the series. But it was a gift and it was free, so why not try it? It was not as bad as I thought it would be which is why I’d put off reading it for so long. The whole concept of the book had disgusted me; it seemed like such an obvious way to try to squeeze more money out of the franchise. However, the story is short and it is completely about Bree’s life before she meets the Cullen’s in the battle fans will be familiar with in Eclipse. It doesn’t feel like a retread of Eclipse through someone else’s eyes. Ultimately it is a satisfying extension of the Twilight world with the addition of some new characters and a behind the scenes look at a major part of the story line.

With that being said, this book would not be able to stand by itself as a story. It’s too short with no breaks in the story which makes it feel more like fan fiction or maybe an essay. Because of the length and the way it begins and ends, there is no value for someone who hasn’t already read the Twilight series. I view this book like I view something like Fifty Shades of Grey. They are completely unnecessary books that publishers have managed to convince us we should spend $20 on like they are on par with the stories they share their shelves with. Even for a fan of the series, there isn’t enough story to make it worth dropping the cash for it. You barely see the Cullen’s so unless your interested in reading more about one of the villains (which I think most fans could care less about) then what’s the point of reading it. When I was reading Eclipse or even when I watched the movie, I did not care about who this minor character Bree Tanner was. So why does she need her own book?

If you are  absolutely obsessed with the Twilight series, then I would suggest picking up this book. It’s a nice way to get back into the Twilight universe through a different story. Otherwise, there is really no point even spending $5 on this book. It’s for fans of the series and anyone else just won’t be able to embrace it. Hopefully, this is the last we will see of publishers trying to extend the life of a series that ended a long time ago. I doubt it.


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