Out of Reach

12 Apr


Author: Adam Hamdy

Genre: Mystery

First Published: 2014

Page Count: 192

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 5/5 Stars

*Previously titled Phase

A fast-paced thriller that will leave you stunned until the very last page.


*Shocking plot twists     *Unique story


*Frequent grammatical errors    *No cover

Remember this.” Ten years ago, Thomas Schaefer’s daughter was kidnapped in the dead of night while his family soundly slept. Since then, his life has slowly begun to decay as he traverses the underworld of satanic cults trying to find the group that has taken his child for who knows what purpose. The only clue he has is an occult symbol that was left in his daughter’s room. His search will lead him to a mysterious group that has plagued the world for centuries called the Collective. Will he be able to save his daughter and others? Or will Schaefer join a long list of tortured victims?

This book blew my mind. I just cannot understand how it can be as good as it was in such a short amount of pages. If you enjoyed the movie Taken, this is basically that premise, but better. Ok, it is hard to beat a movie that stars Liam Neeson, but really, it’s better. This could’ve been a detective thriller that plays off of the successful Taken formula of distraught father searching for missing daughter, but the occult aspect of it ups the stakes. The reader is at the edge of their seat, eager to join Schaefer in discovering the truth about who is behind the kidnapping, the cult, and what their motive is. And the conclusion? It doesn’t miss a beat. The final chapters wrap up the story nicely in a shocker that just leaves you sitting there dumbfounded.

You probably noticed that the review had no cover photo. That is because the book is literally all black, with no words (not even the title or authors name!) and only a bar code on the back. Clearly, this is an example of what happens when you judge a book by its cover. The book was way better than I thought it would be from a first glance. But now that I know how awesome this book is, I wish the author could’ve sprung for some cover art. I guess the black cover could symbolize the darkness of the evil in the plot or something, but even just including the title and the author’s name would’ve been an improvement. There were also a number of grammatical errors which is really disappointing because the book would be perfection if those got fixed. At one point, one of the characters was even referred to by another name; it just needs a little clean up.

Without a doubt, you need to pick up this book. It is a quick read at only 192 pages and the plot will make it go by even faster. You think you can predict the outcome and then Hamdy hits you with a surprising twist. I’m definitely excited to see what this clever author has up his sleeve next.

*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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