The Demonologist

19 Apr

The Demonologist(PICK IT)

Author: Gerald Brittle

Genre: Biography

First Published: 1980

Page Count: 302

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 5/5 Stars

*Best Book of 2014 on Without a Book

A thorough look at the world of demonology and various cases the Warren’s experienced over the years.


*Hair-raising stories    *Informative


*Difficult tone     *Pictures seem like an after-thought

The demonic spirit is a spiritual beast with the wisdom of the ages and the power of angels.” Ed and Lorraine Warren are the most renowned paranormal investigators who have studied the spirit realm for over five decades. Ed is the demonologist while Lorraine possesses the gift of clairvoyance,  and together they have held seminars on their findings, taught classes in colleges, and documented the findings of the thousands of hauntings they’ve experienced. The Demonologist reads like a textbook on the subject; it informs the reader about various types of hauntings, how people fall prey to the demonic, and how they fight such hellish forces to gain spiritual freedom. Sprinkled among the pages are examples of cases the Warren’s investigated to help illustrate the power these forces molest on the human race.

After reading Deliver Us From Evil and comparing the two, The Demonologist was more of what I was looking for in a book about the Warren’s life. It was organized in a much cleaner fashion and I liked the fact that its goal was not just to tell stories about the cases the Warren’s investigated, but to clearly explain every aspect of a haunting, the spirits, the causes of hauntings, and the Catholic church’s role in the paranormal. You will walk away from this book feeling more empowered about how to avoid this negative karma in the universe. Again, this book will only appeal to you if you suspend any disbelief you have on religion or the paranormal and read it like a frightening Stephen King book. Or, if you happen to believe in a world beyond our earthly home, this will definitely hold your attention. If you don’t fall in these two categories, really, why bother with this book? The stories are absolutely creepy and have easily persuaded me never to touch a Ouija board or seek a tour in a haunted house ever. Rocks raining down on homes, levitation, spontaneous combustion, and the disappearance of items as large as doors are just a couple of the incredible things the Warren’s claim people have been subjected to by the demonic. I mean, think what you like about the topic, but it doesn’t make the stories any less interesting to read about. You never know what’s going to happen!

The one thing that is difficult about this book is the tone. I don’t mean the author’s tone, but the tone of the subject. This is not happy stuff, and I often felt a heaviness of the heart and mind when reading it. The Warren’s try to give us a light at the end of the tunnel by saying that positivity and goodness will conquer all, but this book is about pure evil and you feel this when you’re reading. I’m so thankful my next book seems a little more uplifting story-wise, because this book really puts a dark cloud over you. The author even includes pictures of some supposed demonic activity which looks scary in the grainy, old-time form they are presented to us. However, they feel like an after-thought because there are only two sections of the books where they appear and they only represent two cases. I would’ve liked to see more or not have them at all. The book could stand without them.

If you’re easily effected by even fictional horror stories, don’t touch this book. It’s not that it is dramatically frightful but the material is definitely shocking and gloomy. The book is very eye-opening on the topic, but there’s really no point picking it up if you’re not a believer, refuse to be, or refuse to suspend disbelief for the sake of a good read. It will depend on your beliefs, but ultimately, this reader thoroughly enjoyed learning a little bit more about the incredible things the Warren’s have seen and done.


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