Dead Wrong

2 Aug

Dead Wrong(SKIP IT)

Author: Allen Wyler

Genre: Thriller

First Published: 2012

Page Count: 392

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

The author has a good starting point for this book’s plot, but wasn’t able to create a truly suspenseful medical thriller as promised.


*Unique scenario


*Forced romance     *Lack of thrills

We’ve all seen videotaped confessions. This one’s different. Because in spite of vividly describing his memory of the incident, he wasn’t there and he’s not the murderer.” Tom McCarthy is an ordinary neurosurgeon that gets caught up in a web of lies and conspiracy in order to protect a secret program that transplants memories between humans. In order to prove his innocence against claims that he stole classified data related to this program, he must rely on the help of attractive Dr. Sarah Hamilton. With Seattle police and the Pentagon searching for them high and low, will the two of them be able to prove Tom’s innocence?

At first I wasn’t so intrigued by the whole memory swap scenario of this book. However, when I started reading I realized how interesting that topic was when you consider how it might affect you if you received memories from a child molester or something equally as horrible against your will and you believed them to be your own memories. It is also interesting to fantasize about how removing memories could help PTSD victims forget their haunting past or how the government could use a person’s memories to uncover international secrets. With this aspect of the book that Wyler came up with, I was very impressed.

Now on to the bad. This book is supposed to be a thriller, but it really doesn’t get your blood pumping at all. The main characters run from one location to the next, maybe have a confrontation or two, and, along the way, manage to figure out (rather conveniently I might add) who is framing Tom McCarthy and why. Nothing connects well with this book; it’s all too easy. The romance between the characters feels rushed and uncomfortable and the way they connect the dots about the secret program did not seem realistic since they had very little information to go on. I also would’ve liked to see more of the victims of the memory swap experiments since those scenes were really twisted and interesting, but the story centers around McCarthy’s quest for justice.

This is not a horrible book by all means. But after reading books like Deception Point, this book just sort of putters out compared to the fast paced action and suspense of other thrillers. I’m also getting a little worn out with Wyler’s medical thrillers. The story lines are becoming very similar in that there is always some male doctor that is confronted by strong-arms that accuse him of some crime or other and he’s forced into hiding until he can prove his innocence. The one thing that makes the books stand out are the eerie science projects that these characters stumble upon. However, for this book, the memory swap plot wasn’t enough to save it in my mind.

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*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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