Death’s Witness

16 Aug

DeathsWitness(SKIP IT)

Author: Paul Batista

Genre: Mystery

First Published: 2013

Page Count: 376

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Fans of courtroom drama will eat up Batista’s story, but for someone that prefers other genres, this will not impress.


*Well written


*Focused on courtroom scenes and legal aspects of story   *Lack of thrills     *Simple Conclusion

Julie Perini had never been touched directly by death before.” The famous Heisman trophy winner and husband to Julie Perini, Tom Perini, is murdered in cold blood while on a nightly jog through Central Park. Soon after his murder, as unsavory characters, hidden paperwork, and evidence come to light, Julie soon discovers her husband may have been a part of a dangerous underground world that is now targeting her in response to her husband’s actions. With the help of handsome lawyer Vincent Sorrentino, Julie must find a way to catch her husband’s killers and find safety for her daughter and herself.

One thing I will say about this book is it’s very well written. Not just in terms of prose, but in the way the story is crafted. It’s a solid plot with a slew of interesting characters and you can tell the author is very knowledge about the legal aspects of a crime novel. It was easy to read and I had no qualms about the quality of the writing here.

But now I must get to the negatives because the great writing is all I can really praise in this book. This was supposed to be a legal thriller, and while I’m a major fan of the thriller genre, I guess I just discovered I’m not a fan of the subgenre: legal thrillers. To me there was nothing that even remotely got my blood racing, making me want to flip through pages at a harried pace trying to find out what happens to the characters. It plods along through courtroom scenes and conferences between lawyers about this and that. There is some violence and romance, but not enough to save the story. The legal aspects bored me and the conclusion was way too simple. Julie Perini really gets to go live her happily ever after that easily after being chased by such a notoriously evil crime lord? If the bad guy is really that frightening, then my brief foray with movies like The Godfather or Scarface tell me that this villain would have the resources to find her.

I wanted to make it clear in the beginning of my review that this is a well written, quality book. I’m sure there are people who would really enjoy this kind of story but it was just not for me. My issue with this book is related to my taste in literature, which means that someone else might totally disagree with my view that it wasn’t thrilling and that the courtroom scenes were boring. If you like legal thrillers and courtroom drama, then I suggest you check out this book because it’s very well written. Otherwise, I’d say skip it.

*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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