City of Ashes

23 Aug

City_of_Ashes(PICK IT)

Author: Cassandra Clare

Genre: Fantasy YA

First Published: 2008

Page Count: 453

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Note: Book 2 in The Mortal Instruments series

Get ready for more fanciful creatures, demon battles, and teenage love triangles in this satisfactory sequel to  the first book in the series.


*More exposure to the book’s universe     *Good progression of characters’ relationships     *Jace


*Slow beginning

Desire is not always lessened by disgust. Nor can it be bestowed, like a favor, to those most deserving of it.” Clary is coming to terms with the fact that her life will never go back to normal. She’s a Shadowhunter, someone who hunts demons to protect humanity. Her mother is in a coma, she’s struggling with a growing relationship with her human best friend, Simon, but she also has to contend with her complicated feelings for her newly discovered brother, Jace. On top of all that, her father, Valentine, enemy number one of the Shadowhunters, has stolen the second of the mortal  instruments. Will they be able to stop Valentine from unleashing his evil plan or will they be unable to do what needs to be done to defeat their own blood?

We got a taste of Clare’s Mortal Instruments universe in book one and book two does what a sequel should do. It fleshes out more of its world to the reader and the relationships of the characters build upon their experiences from the last book. We’re introduced to more demons, some new fanciful creatures including faeries, and we learn more about the mortal instruments and runes which the Shadowhunters use for battle and protection. I liked that the author had more to show us in her world and didn’t just leave all that discovery to the first book. It was also a relief that the characters’ relationships started to mature and go places I hadn’t predicted. With the big discovery in the last book that Jace and Clary are related, I was wondering how that would play out in this book. I was not disappointed and, really, the only reason I keep coming back to these books is Jace. He’s charming, witty, and drives the plot of the book.

The one thing I’ve noticed with the first two books is that the beginning is a bit dull. You plod along wondering what the point of the book is going to be and until then, everything you read seems pointless. You just want to get past those initial pages so you can get to the meat of the story. The action is in the middle and conclusion of the book; I’m hoping, in future books, the beginning grabs my attention as much as the rest of the story does.

If you’ve read the first book and enjoyed it, keep reading. This is a fun little series that is a nice escape into a world of fantasy. The ending has a good cliffhanger that makes me want to continue on this journey and this book tells me that the author can carry a good story beyond one book. Of course, based on the number of books in this series, that should have been obvious. Summer’s coming to a close, but there’s still time to grab a fun adventure of a book like City of Ashes.


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