Extraordinary Rendition

1 Sep

Extraordinary_Renditions_Cvr(SKIP IT)

Author: Paul Batista

Genre: Mystery

First Published: 2012

Page Count: 314

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

The basis of the plot is unique but the book barely held my attention even though it is considered a thriller.


*Solidly crafted story


*Dull execution of plot

And other people are saying that I’m a traitor, that I’m a lawyer for terrorists, that I’m an incompetent fool.” Byron Carlos Johnson voluntarily takes on a case to defend the first man to be accused of terrorism by the US government, Ali Hussein. However, his career, lover, and life soon are threatened when he begins to question the US’s treatment of the suspected terrorist. Is Ali Hussein really the mastermind behind AL Qaeda’s finances or is he an innocent Muslim man who is being wrongly accused of terrorism? And will Byron be able to figure out who his defendant really is or will he get dragged into the underworld of terrorism against the West?

Well, once again I can say that Paul Batista is a solid story-teller. His book about the first fictional civil trial of a suspected terrorist is unique and he creates a cast of mysterious characters whose loyalties the reader can never really figure out. The writing is quality and there is a strong story here, complete with legal drama, espionage, and millions of dollars in hidden banks across the globe. For some, this will perfectly satisfy their qualifications for a thriller.

In my case, I was again put off by the total focus on the legal aspect of this book (which is just further proof that legal dramas must not be my cup of tea). The basis of the story somewhat intrigued me, but the way the plot was executed made for a very long and boring read. Even when someone gets killed this does nothing for the story. My senses were so dulled down by that point, that any attempt at shock and awe by murder just fell short for me. In a thriller I want action, suspense, fighting, something! I was barely interested in whether Ali Hussein really was a terrorist (really that was the only thing I wanted to find out) and even that didn’t pan out into anything. The story just sort of ends without any real closure on the case other than that the world found out about what the US government did to Ali Hussein. It was a slow book that ended fruitlessly.

As I said with Paul Batista’s last book, this might be right up your alley. You might completely disagree with everything I thought about the book being boring and slow. You need to gauge what is important to you in a thriller before taking on this book. If you love legal drama and the court room, then give it a shot. But if you lean more in my direction, and prefer heart racing, action packed thrillers then I can tell you that this book did not live up to that promise.

Grab your copy of Extraordinary Rendition here:




*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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