Bergdorf Blondes

7 Sep

BergdorfBlondes(SKIP IT)

Author: Plum Sykes

Genre: Chick Lit

First Published: 2004

Page Count: 310

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

*Worst Book of 2014 on Without a Book

A chick lit story whose superficiality and pointless plot make this a book to run far…very far away from.


*Semi-surprising plot twist


*Confusing use of acronyms     *Offensively superficial     *Hardly a plot

I always say, waste not, want not, which is a terrible cliché the British invented during the war to get kids to eat their whole-wheat bread, but when I say it I mean, waste not money on boring old rent when it can be un-wasted on Chloe jeans.” Our narrator, known as Moi, takes the readers through the high fashion, luxurious world of being a Park Avenue princess. Even with the private jets, movie premiers, and tantalizing sample sales, life for these young ladies is not as picture perfect as it seems. It turns out finding a potential husband is harder than snagging next season’s “it” bag.

So I’ll start with the negatives of this book since I was so shocked at how much I hated it. Chick lit is a genre I like to indulge in every now and then despite the very fluffy content. However, I have never met a book from this genre that I didn’t like; one that was so superficial and lacking in a story that I couldn’t stand it. The main character and really every other character is so unlikable that you can’t relate to them at all. This book fails to be sweet and charming in the way the author presents the characters and the story unlike other successful chick lit books like the Shopaholic series. Instead, we’re forced to endure a story with no obvious plot, since it just seems like we aimlessly follow the main character through a couple of days in her life, and some completely annoying characters that do not seem realistic at all. And then there’s the silly use of acronyms that the author uses because she must think it makes her story endearing. But when you’re using that many different acronyms to talk about F.R.Gs who enjoy their P.J.s and are constantly searching for a P.H. (confused yet?) it gets to be a bit much. And I don’t think I need to waste anymore precious review space on what I think about the narrator’s name or how many times she uses the word tres in the book. You can probably figure out how fun that is to read.

The only part I actually enjoyed (barely) was the twist at the end that brings our narrator the happily ever after she’s been wishing for in regards to her love life. Frankly, I was surprised after all the disappointments in the rest of the book that the author had this little twist in her back pocket. Still, the ending and this twist are not nearly enough to save this book.

If name dropping a few fashion designers was all a chick lit author had to do to write award-winning literature, Plum Sykes would’ve nabbed that honor with this book. But in reality, that’s not enough to make a good chick lit book. They might not be the most respected genre, but the stories still require the same creativity and effort in storytelling as any other. Don’t let the playful cover and spunky title fool you. This is one chick lit book you don’t want to pick up.


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