Amazon Burning

27 Oct

Amazon Burning(PICK IT)

Author: Victoria Griffith

Genre: Romance

First Published: 2014

Page Count: 338

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Set in the dangerous and exotic jungle of the Amazon, this story is sure to leave readers satisfied whether from the romance or the mysterious murder mystery plot.


*Mysterious and exotic setting     *Interesting plot     *Steamy romance


*Odd gap in story between chapters

For the first time in his life, Milton wished he were under the bright lights of a big city. There, your enemies had to look you in the face. Here, they hid behind the mask of the Amazon.” After a scandal forces Emma to leave NYU for the summer, she decides to take an internship in Brazil with her father. The murder of a high-profile environmentalist sends her and her journalist father on a dangerous mission to uncover the truth about who committed the murder and why. With Brazilian gangsters hot on their heels, Emma and sexy photographer Jimmy have to find a way to solve the murder while protecting their own lives in the process.

Based on the cover and the title you might, like I did, assume this is just some romantic chick lit book chronicling the many “burning” sexcapades of the main characters in the Amazon. Well sir or madam you would be mostly wrong. There are some steamy scenes, I will admit, but that is not at all what holds this story up; it merely adds a little bit of extra spice! The murder mystery, Emma’s sticky situation back at NYU, and the twisted characters of the underworld of Brazil are what keep you reading. Griffith does a fantastic job of making the reader feel like they are in Brazil and I don’t just mean with descriptions of the Amazon. She understands how ruthless and criminal the atmosphere can be in a place where thugs rule and police turn a blind eye. Brazil is beautifully exotic but also holds a sense of foreboding and you feel that in this book. I was also very impressed with the ending. It was so simple and yet I couldn’t see it coming or really figure out who committed the murder at all up until the very end.

I could’ve given this five stars, because I couldn’t put the book down and was surprised at how uncheesy the romance was and how nicely it complimented the murder story, but I didn’t for one simple reason that really bugged me. There was one part in the book where a chapter ended and the next began and it felt like I had missed a whole gap in the story. Even though the page numbers indicated I wasn’t missing any pages, the chapter numbers said otherwise. It looked like I was missing two chapters. I will admit that this was a galley copy of a book and it is disclosed that there might be errors in the book. However, I expect these errors to be grammatical. If I’m to read a book, I want to read the whole book, every last page and every word from start to finish. Leaving out entire chapters is just a complete bummer, especially when the story is at the height of the action. I’m hoping there was just an error with the chapter numbers but from the way the chapter before it ended and the next chapter began, the story felt too disjointed for this to be the case.

I still give this book a solid four out of five stars, however. The mystery of the missing chapters is a minor annoyance when, overall, I enjoyed the book so much. Even though it’s not really set up for a sequel with some kind of cliffhanger, I really hope the author comes up with another adventure for Emma and Jimmy. There’s so much going on politically in Brazil that it wouldn’t be a stretch that the duo find another mystery to crack.

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*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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