Club Dead

29 Nov

ClubDead(PICK IT)

Author: Charlaine Harris

Genre: Fantasy

First Published: 2003

Page Count: 292

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: Yes*

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Note: Book 3 in The Southern Vampire Mysteries

Even at book three in her series, Harris continues to pump out entertaining stories, adding new dimensions to her story’s universe and new characters to love and fear.


*New characters     *Expansion of story universe


*Less exciting plot than previous books

The sweetest part of being a couple is sharing your life with someone else. But my life, evidently, had not been good enough to share.” Sookie Stackhouse had thought that things would finally settle down for her and her vampire boyfriend Bill. To her dismay, she discovers the honeymoon stage is over when Bill’s infidelity is brought to her attention by another attractive vampire suitor, Eric. But when Bill goes missing, it’s up to Sookie to put her hurt feelings aside to try to find her unfaithful ex before it’s too late.

Adding a little extra spice to the series in book three, Harris introduces Alcide (one of my favorite hunks from the TV adaptation), the werewolf with a rockin’ bod and, let’s not forget, the psycho ex-girlfriend. Not only do we get another suitor thrown into the mix for Sookie, which would make this a love square instead of a love triangle at this point, we also learn more about the vampire universe. There is a queen of Louisiana and a King of Mississippi, and you don’t mess with either. It’s the addition of these new characters that make the series still seem fresh and exciting. Even beyond the expected and enjoyable tension between Sookie’s main suitors, Eric and Bill, throwing another piece of eye candy and another dangerous mission of supernatural proportions really shakes things up.

While the plot was not dull by any means, it didn’t wow me compared to the other books I’ve read. It felt a bit like a filler book whose purpose was to introduce us to some new characters and take us deeper into Harris’s universe. I can see a lot of what happened in this book being used as fuel for some bigger purpose in coming books. I was happy to read about all the new additions to the story, but I’m more excited to read on to other books and see what comes from their inclusion in the story instead of just reading a book that sets up the plot for future books.

I’m still completely in love with this fun series. It’s a guilty pleasure, especially for lovers of romance and the supernatural. Harris has yet to steer her stories in a direction I disapprove of or to disappoint me with a book, so I’m happy chugging along. Without the TV series, this is my only way to get my Bon Temps vampire fix anyway!

*TV Adaptation: (True Blood Starring Anna Paquin 2008-2014)


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