The Best and Worst of 2014

1 Jan

Best and Worst Another year has come and gone! I had hoped to minimize the amount of books in my collection by now, but it seems to continue to grow despite my efforts to read like a madwoman. Nevertheless, I managed to average about a review a week, which meant many more chances for you to find a great read!

This year, as I look back, there weren’t any standout books that I could easily jump to when nominating my worst book of the year. And I had to sift through many novels that I really enjoyed when trying to crown a winner for the best book of 2014. Seemed like it was a good year in reading for me compared to years past! So, now, let me acquaint you with what I thought were the best and worst books that I read in 2014.


The Demonologist

This book will be a hit or miss for people because it deals heavily in religion and your belief in the supernatural. I thought I could handle reading anything at night, but this book really challenged that belief. I seriously questioned my sanity while reading about the supernatural cases that the infamous Ed and Lorraine Warren record in this book. The stories are fascinating whether you believe them or not and the feelings that overcome you when tucked into bed in an empty house are unforgettably creepy. Loved the book, but let’s just say I quickly got rid of it after I had finished. The house felt a little less gloomy after it was banished from my shelves, and I know I wasn’t the only family member to be grateful the book was out of the house, even if I was the only one that read its contents. A great read for Halloween!

Read the original review here.



This book looked so innocently adorable. Yes, I knew it would be fluffy chic lit, but even I have standards when it comes to that genre. This was absolute garbage. There was no story and the main character is not only boring, but she’s a disgrace to the female population. There are much better books out there that deal with Park Avenue princesses, and I’d happily recommend any of them over this disaster.

Read the original review here.


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