The Man Who Loved Too Much: Archipelago

15 Mar

The Man Who Loved Too Much(PICK IT)

Author: John Rachel

Genre: Fantasy

First Published: 2014

Page Count: 185

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Note: Book 1 of The Man Who Loved Too Much series

A hodgepodge of the main character’s life stories that suck the reader in, but also might leave them scratching their heads.


*Interesting Plot


*Odd Collection of Plot Points     *Unnecessary 9/11 Chapter

“And how will it all end?” This is the story of Billy Green. He is raised in Detroit, Michigan by a doting mother and a mean tub of lard he calls his father. His odd family dynamic and his experiences outside of the home make for an unusual upbringing. How will his life turn out once he reaches college and is able to make his own way in the world?

Billy’s life story is interesting, no question about it. Because the plot is basically a detailed timeline of Billy’s early life and the important events in it, you never know what to expect or really where the book is headed. The reader will be sucked into Billy’s life story from the beginning and from then on, there is never a dull moment, not for one page. And to remind you how invested you were in the story, the author leaves a nice cliffhanger at the end that teases the reader into continuing their journey through Billy’s life story.

Even though the book kept me very engaged, overall it felt like an odd jumble of events that make up this boy’s life story. A lot of traumatizing things happen initially which were hard to read as they happened to Billy. Yet, as these events unfolded, there was a quirky almost comical air about the book’s story which took away the seriousness of the strange encounters Billy has. I found that a little disturbing. Even beyond these sections in the book, every major event in Billy’s life seemed to have something to do with sex. If he was a young man who was obsessed with the act, as some might infer from the title of the series, then I could understand the focus of the book. However, only when he meets his girlfriend do we see him really indulge in the act of his own free will and, besides his mother, this girlfriend is the only person he really loves in the book.I don’t understand the title because it didn’t seem like Billy loved any more or less than the next average Joe, and his life story was just odd. I suppose a person could experience that many strange occurrences, especially the sexual ones in their life time, but wow, it makes for a slightly depressing story if you look at things as a whole. Add the unnecessary chapter where Billy berates America for essentially giving a damn about 9/11 that adds literally zip to the story and you have a real head-scratcher of a book.

Though I was shocked about what happens to the main character or confused about where the book was going, at least I wasn’t bored. It’s an extremely short book, and because the cliffhanger ending did leave me the itch to find out an answer to one of the book’s mysteries, I’d recommend picking it up. I’m very interested to see what other plans the author has in store for Billy in book two.

*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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