Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever

20 Apr

BeautyFades, DumbisForever(PICK IT)

Author: Judge Judy Sheindlin

Genre: Memoir

First Published: 2000

Page Count: 190

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Fans of Judge Judy’s TV program will find a treasure trove of personal stories and sage advice from their favorite TV judge in this informative book.


*Hilarious Personal Stories     *Not a Repeat of TV Show


*Very Broad Concept

“Denial is a river in Egypt.”  Infamous TV personality Judge Judy Sheindlin has compiled a book chock full of advice for women, young and old, on how to be happier. Marriage, divorce, dating, child rearing and a whole other gamut of topics are covered in Sheindlin’s book. With her forward sense of humor and her notorious take-no-prisoners opinions, Sheindlin tells it like it is using common sense as well as anecdotal evidence from her personal life to illustrate her point.

Obviously if you pick up this book, you must be somewhat of a fan of Judge Judy. I know there are people who either love her brand of honesty or can’t stand it. I happen to be an avid watcher of the show, so you can put me in that camp (although I’m sure that was evident by my choosing to read this book). I was worried that this book would go over the same stories and pieces of advice she doles out in the court room on TV, but luckily that wasn’t the case. Her stories, especially the ones related to her husband Jerry, are laugh out loud funny. The advice she gives is spot on and is definitely advice that I already use in my life. However, I also found quite a few lessons from her personal stories that I’ll keep tucked away in the back of my mind in case, for instance, my future husband tries to cut out on helping out around the house.

While the book is enjoyable, it is not an all-encompassing guide to happiness for women. The book is broken up into miniature sections within chapters that only give you quick shots of advice that just scratch the surface of the issue. The author seems to be more concerned with fitting in as much advice as possible instead of really focusing in on a few different aspects of her advice. This is kind of a good thing because you get a lot of different personal stories and a variety of opinions from Sheindlin. However, it also made the book feel trivial as a full-fledged self-help book. If you really want in-depth advice on being happy, there are probably better books.

This book is probably best for fans of the TV program Judge Judy, and that alone. I think there are a lot of women and men that could really benefit from the advice she gives in this book. However, because it is so short and broad in the way the advice is presented, I’d say that only fans really need to take the plunge and read what she has to say. Anyone else might be better off just catching one of the thirty minute episodes of her show to take in a bit of Sheindlin’s wisdom.


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