Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office

18 Jul

Nice Girls Still Don't Get the Corner Office(PICK IT)

Author: Lois P. Frankel, PhD

Genre: Self Help

First Published: 2014

Page Count: 354

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 4/5 Stars

There is a plethora of advice for the career minded woman, packaged in short, easy to understand sections that make this book extremely simple to use at a glance.


*Large Quantity and Variety of Advice     *Easy to Use Format


*Author’s Take on Workplace Equality

“There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” No matter what level in your career you’re in, this book is meant to help any woman in any industry. Split up into chapters about everything from how you dress to how you sound, the book is then further cut into sections within each chapter listing common mistakes women make in the work place that should be avoided. Focusing around the theme of the “nice girl” employee, this book will transform you into a confident, powerful woman.

This was the book that stood out on the shelves at Barnes & Noble while I was trying to select my annual business book to read for work. Last year, I focused on increasing my knowledge of body language when picking a book to read for work. This year I wanted something directed towards helping women move up in the work place and I think I couldn’t have picked a better read. Just flipping through it in the book store and seeing how the book was formatted sold it for me, and when I started truly reading it, I appreciated the layout of the book even more. There are over one hundred mistakes listed in this book and none of them feel like repeated advice. Frankel explains the mistakes in short, yet thorough summaries and then gives coaching advice on how to approach the mistake. It’s easy to read and simple to quickly glance back at if you’ve forgotten how she approached a certain scenario.

A common theme in the book is that it’s a mans world and we women just have to adapt to survive thrive in it. We all know that men make more than women and they have more opportunities, etc. However, when a majority of her mistake sections talk about the fact that women have to change their behavior whereas men in this scenario wouldn’t, it gets a bit depressing. Again, this is nothing new and I completely agree with her that this is not a war that can be fought alone, but for someone with such a large platform as Frankel has with this book and others, I would have liked there to be a little more of a call to action to bring men to task for any inequality. I’m not one of those ultra feminist by any means, but I did question some advice that didn’t seem fair in relation to how men are allowed to act. However, this issue goes beyond the book and she’s really just writing about the current times. It is what it is, I suppose.

These are the kind of business books I prefer to read. They’re easy to navigate and the advice is relevant and plentiful. Every woman should read this after leaving school and entering the big leagues. You don’t have to take any of the advice, but I think it’s beneficial to be aware of how certain behaviors or actions can potentially affect you, often times without you realizing it. Definitely a great choice if you’re looking for an edge in the workplace!


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