Food: A Love Story

30 Aug

Food_A Love Story(PICK IT)

Author: Jim Gaffigan

Genre: Memoir

First Published: 2014

Page Count: 335

Type: Hardcover

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Talking about food has never been so funny and honest.


*Quality, Relatable Food Jokes     *Wide Range of Food Reviews


*Reuse of Stand-Up Material

“Hot dogs are like strippers, really. Nobody wants to know the back story. We don’t want to think about how they came to be in their present form of employment. ‘Well, when I was twelve, my stepfather..’ ‘Not interested! Put some mustard on that.'” Jim Gaffigan is back with the book he was meant to write. The popular comedian has packed three hundred pages of his second book with his heartfelt, hilariously honest opinions on everything food related. He may be known for his stand up jokes that are related to food, but fans now get a more in-depth view of what Gaffigan thinks about everything from sushi to crackers.

Dad is Fat was a great book, but I knew this one would be infinitely better. This is Gaffigan’s element. It makes more sense that if he was going to fill up a bunch of blank pages with words that he could try to sell to the general public, it would be about his favorite subject: food. Gaffigan’s writing style is honest and unapologetic about his feelings on various restaurants and foods. It also helps that I find his opinions relatable (see the chapters titled Nobody Really Likes Fruit and Even Fewer People Like Vegetables). If only I had a copy of this book a couple of weeks ago when I was trying to explain to my coworkers why I don’t like/ eat fruit. Gaffigan says what I’m thinking but in a comical way that, oddly enough, makes perfectly logical sense. His food musings are also not just limited to the basics like hamburgers and pizza; he even delves into such topics as poutine and corned beef. I’m having trouble trying to think of any food Gaffigan hasn’t dissected in this book.

This wouldn’t be a book about food written by Jim Gaffigan without the mention of bacon or hot pockets. Fans would probably be disappointed if he had completely passed up these subjects that have made him so memorable. However, these chapters were less interesting for me. I’ve got his stand up routine on these topics essentially memorized from watching his shows live or on TV. If there is a weak part of the book, this would be it. It’s a rehash of an opinion we already know he holds. However, like I mentioned above, it would probably have been worse not to include them in the book at all.

I don’t know what topic Gaffigan could write about next, but I hope he finds something just as interesting and creative as the two books he’s given us so far. I love being able to pick up a book like Food: A Love Story to fill in for the breaks in getting to watch Gaffigan stand up. Not everyone may agree with Gaffigan’s opinions on food, but I feel like he speaks for the majority of how we feel in our heart of hearts about certain cuisine. Besides, Gaffigan would probably just call his naysayers psychopaths anyway.


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