Life of a Roadie: The Gypsy in Me

26 Nov

LifeofaRoadie(SKIP IT)

Author: Ronnie Rush

Genre: Memoir

First Published: 2011

Page Count: 253

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

A book that attempts to give us a glimpse at the roadie life but feels more like a compilation of one man’s life and his celebrity encounters.


*Narrator’s Personality


*Story Chronology     *Clunky Format     *Lacking an Engaging Story

“In all of Rock ‘n Roll, it was the least of all cool jobs, but everyone who did it, wanted no other job: Roadie.” Ronnie Rush was a popular DJ  on COOL 101 but he also was a roadie for many different rock n’ roll bands. He was able to travel the world, meet many famous actors and musicians, and be right in the heart of the rock n’ roll scene. This book is his story of what is was like to be a roadie and DJ.

I’ve never heard Ronnie on the radio, but if his radio voice is anything like his writing voice, I can understand why so many people liked tuning in to him. He has a very personable, honest tone that comes through in his writing. Having such a likable voice as the narrator of one’s own biography does a lot to bring the reader into your story.

Unfortunately there were a lot of issues I had with this book that even a personable author’s voice cannot overcome. In general, the story just felt like a compilation of encounters with celebrities. For instance, one chapter is literally just about him catching a glimpse of Paula Abdul. His life story is not boring but I don’t think it warrants a book. Anyone can run into a celebrity; I ran into Christian Bale on my birthday a few years ago for example. And while he does have stories about his time as a roadie, the book seems to lean more towards the famous people he’s run into. On top of that, the format of the book was a bit clunky. There didn’t seem to be a proper timeline followed by the author when telling his story which would have organized the life events better. He often would start out stories by saying “I remember when” or “There was one time” which made the story feel like a run on sentence but of someone’s life. There was no rhyme or reason to how chapters or events were presented to us in relation to each other. The “Point to Ponder” sections at the end of some chapters or the inclusion of a celebrity’s death were the most random additions to the book. They didn’t seem to make any sense with what was being said in the chapter. The over use of the word “gypsy” also begin to feel like a gimmicky way to connect back to the title of the book. This is something a reader can infer about the author without the constant reminder.

The author has definitely lived an interesting life, no question. Although, what I do question, is whether it was extraordinary enough to be chronicled in a book. Maybe if the book itself were more streamlined in how the events are presented to the reader and there was more focus on roadie life and the radio industry instead of celebrity encounters, it would be easier for the reader to understand what roadie life was really like in the age of rock n’ roll. The book is lacking focus and needs to hone in on whether it wants to be about roadie life, the personal life of Ronnie Rush, or life as a radio DJ. At this point it can’t seem to do all three.

*I received a free copy of this book for this review from the author.


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