Sharp Objects

9 Jan

SharpObjects(PICK IT)

Author: Gillian Flynn

Genre: Mystery

First Published: 2006

Page Count: 252

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating:  4/5 Stars

A spitfire of a novel that will keep the reader spinning until the final page.


*Mysterious, Raw Plot     *Great Pace


*Quick Conclusion

“The face you give the world tells the world how to treat you.” Camille Preaker has been given an important assignment that could put her newspaper on the map in Chicago and beyond. Unfortunately that assignment is in her hometown that she has tried to put out of her mind for years. A young girl has been found dead and the circumstances around the death mirror those of another young girl’s death that occurred months earlier. In a town full of secrets, home to a family she was trying to forget, and with her own personal demons, Camille will have a lot on her plate as she tries to find justice for the dead.

After reading Gone Girl I knew I needed to check out Flynn’s other novels. She has quite a talent for creating concise, engaging thrillers and Sharp Objects proved to be no exception. This is a small book but it packs a punch and no page is wasted. The initial murder mystery is intriguing, but it’s the dirty small town secrets that Flynn weaves into the plot that keep you reading. The reader can pretty easily narrow down who the potential murderer is to less than a handful of characters but the different, well-timed twists Flynn throws at us keep the reveal a surprise. Even if I had mentally condemned this character a few times along the way, the final of pages of the book still shocked me.

Flynn teases the reader throughout the book by throwing us hints and distractions along the way, but suddenly it all comes to a crashing closure. I loved how she ended the book, but it was so sudden. It is hard to explain without giving anything away, but Flynn hits you with a double whammy in the end. The first whammy was built up and expected but the second is a juicy little tid bit you weren’t expecting because the book felt finished. It’s a great addition to the ending but I also wasn’t mentally ready for it. I don’t know what more Flynn could have written but I was not ready for it to be over after that big reveal!

Well, after this book I know two things. One: I need to read the last of her books. And two, I’m a fan of Gillian Flynn. Her stories are raw, brutal, fascinating, and she really is a one of a kind thriller author. I now compare all thrillers I read to Flynn’s writing. I want something fast, exciting, and shocking. That is Sharp Objects.


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