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3 Apr

Locke&Key(PICK IT)

Author: Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Genre: Graphic Novel

First Published: 2008

Page Count: 158

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Note: Volume 1 of Locke & Key

This first entry into the series illustrates how to master the art of the graphic novel.


*Artwork     *Dark Story



“Kids always think they’re coming into a story at the beginning, when they’re usually coming in at the end.” After a family tragedy, a mother and her three children move to their uncle’s mansion called Keyhouse on the island of Lovecraft. It is a mysterious home with many doors that have various magical properties. However, there also lurks a monstrous being who will not rest until it finds a way to accomplish its wicked mission.

I was actually surprised to see this was a graphic novel when it arrived in my box of birthday book purchases. I hadn’t looked too much into it other than that Joe Hill was attached to it apparently. But because Joe Hill had written the book, I would not be deterred. Once again Joe Hill has crafted a fantastic horror tale. But it’s not just the murderous opening scene, evil entity, or mysterious haunted house that makes this book great. The art work that goes along with the story is first-rate. It feels a bit morbid to call the art beautiful, but it is in a very dark, and haunting way. Even the layout of the cells is optimized for the most fluid movement of the story. I have read some pretty top-notch graphic novels for my college literature classes, but this one tops them all. The art and the plot can’t help but reveal that it was created by masters of their craft.

There is no way I’m missing the next volume in this story. We are left with a nice cliff hanger and I’ve got to see this story to the end; that much is clear. I’m feeling a bit edgy about Joe Hill’s abilities at this point. When is he going to write a lemon; can any author be this good every single time?! For now, the answer is yes…heck yes.


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