The Siren

9 Jul

TheSiren(SKIP IT)

Author: Kiera Cass

Genre: Fantasy YA

First Published: 2009

Page Count: 327

Type: Hardcover

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Like it’s title, the appearance of the beautiful book will draw you in only to kill you with its dull story.


*Gorgeous Cover


*Dull, Simple Plot     *Unrealistic Love Story

“We were stars. We were music. We were time.” Kahlen and her sisters belong to the sea. As sirens, their job is to draw humans to their death with their voices in order to feed the ocean’s never-ending hunger for souls. When they are not singing, it is imperative they never let humans hear their voices or suspect what they are. But what happens when Kahlen meets Akinli, the boy who will make her want to forget what she is to be a part of his world?

The first time I laid eyes on this book, I was pretty sure it had the most beautiful book cover I’d ever seen. And I naively thought it was about a mermaid/ sirenish girl in medieval times. Well, it was not about mermaids in the least and did not take place in medieval times so that was my first disappointment. The second disappointment was that the story the book actually was about wasn’t that interesting either. So really the only thing I loved about this book was the cover.

After I got over my anger that this book took place in modern times, I felt that I could accept the setting and still find a good story to entertain me. Unfortunately the plot is extremely slow-moving and simple to the point where reading it gets really boring. Kahlen’s life as a siren is redundant in that she has to follow all these rules and sometimes she kills people. The one thing that could shake up this story would be the addition of Akinli and their love story. Alas, that only makes things worse. Kahlen falls in love with him instantly after one pretty lukewarm date and a couple friendly text messages. I just couldn’t buy their love story and failed to feel any of the passion that was apparently between them.

Don’t be like me; don’t buy this book because the cover is hypnotizing. Ok, I know that kind of warning will fall on deaf ears because I’ve definitely defied poor average review ratings and purchased a pretty looking book anyway. I wonder if I should even keep such a bad book just because I still love the way it looks. But I, maybe like you, have been on a quest for a great mermaid/ siren book and this is not it. Kiera Cass books have notoriously charming covers, but don’t be seduced by this one. Keep questing friends!


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