Head Games

5 Jan


Author: Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez

Genre: Graphic Novel

First Published: 2010

Page Count: 145

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Note: Volume 2 of the Locke & Key series

The storytelling is still top-notch but this entry into the series is not as thrilling as the previous volume.


*Keys     *Character Mythology


*Less Engaging

“If learning anything was as easy as turning a key in a lock, what would you want to learn?”  Trying to overcome the tragedy that occurred in the mansion known as Keyhouse on the island of Lovecraft, three siblings discover a key that does the impossible. And what’s more, there could be more keys with other fantastic powers hidden around the house waiting to be discovered. However, a dark entity is also seeking the power of the keys and is ready to do whatever it takes to get its hands on them.

This volume in the series had two goals: expose readers to the power of the mysterious keys and give us a bit of background on the dark entity known as Dodge from volume one. It was fascinating learning a bit about Dodge’s past which added another level of mystery to the whole storyline as it jumped between the future and the past. The keys are also a fun element; they are like superpowers that you can switch between depending on what key you use. I can tell you I’d love to have the “head key” at my disposal.

Volume one was such a hit to the senses because the novel introduces so much to the readers at once. However, this volume did not have that same level of shock and awe in its story. It feels silly to even write that considering all the magic, horror, and violence packed into this novel. This addition to the series, as revealing and satisfying as it is to know more, feels like a filler. The novel spends its time answering or partially answering questions from the first book, but that means there are less surprises than in volume one where everything was new and exciting to the readers.

A big lesson learned after reading this volume is to not wait a year between reading each volume in the series. My memory was definitely failing me and I’m not really interested in waiting that long to find out what happens next. Though the first volume is still my favorite, volume two is still leaps and bounds ahead of most books or graphic novels I’ve read in terms of storytelling. I just hope there are enough shocking discoveries in the next volumes to stand up to the great storytelling we’ve been introduced to.



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