Good Strategy Bad Strategy

25 Apr

good-strategy-bad-strategy-book-cover(PICK IT)

Author: Richard P. Rumelt

Genre: Nonfiction

First Published: 2011

Page Count: 298

Type: Hardcover

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Rumelt uses in-depth, detailed examples without mincing words to teach the reader about good and bad strategy.


*Blunt Honesty     *Interesting Case Studies


*Dry Spots

“A hallmark of true expertise and insight is making a complex subject understandable. A hallmark of mediocrity and bad strategy is unnecessary complexity—a flurry of fluff masking an absence of substance. FAILURE.” Richard Rumelt knows good strategy when he sees it and he knows bad strategy even better. After years working in different industries and studying various real world cases, Rumelt is revealing what makes a good strategy so great and what you can do to avoid bad strategies.

What I liked about this author right off the bat was his brutally honest voice. At some moments Good Strategy Bad Strategy almost felt like Rumelt’s personal burn book where he finally found his platform to say “I told you so” to all the people who didn’t follow his advice on strategy. However, what could have come across as whining and bashing of someone’s judgement actually gave the book a unique voice that felt more relatable then other business books. His case studies and examples used to prove his points more than make you respect the man and where he is coming from. I also liked that the real world examples were detailed enough that they had a beginning, middle, and end, and weren’t just quick mentions where you didn’t know how the case actually played out.

As with any book in the business section, this one had its dry points. I found my mind drifting when the talk on strategy got too technical or I wasn’t particularly interested in the current case study being presented. That being said, this happened less than usual in this book then with other business books I’ve read. I felt the author does a good job of balancing between educating us on strategy and providing interesting world examples to keep the book engaging.

I’ve read two strategy books back to back now and I definitely recommend this one over the last. It is more relatable and entertaining; these two factors will help make the concepts in the book stick because the reading experience is more enjoyable. With so many real world examples presented in this book, you also can’t help but believe in what the author is saying. This is an approachable strategy book for readers of any level looking for some insight on the subject.



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