The Demon Lover

12 Jun

DemonLover(SKIP IT)

Author: Juliet Dark

Genre: Romance

First Published: 2011

Page Count: 416

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Note: Book 1 of the Fairwick Chronicles 

The Demon Lover wavers between wanting to be a supernatural love story and saga about a magical school.


*Semi-Interesting Romance Story


*Disappointing Romance Scenes     *Overwhelming Plot

“Is a lie really the worst thing if it’s told out of love?” Callie McFay has accepted a job as a professor at Fairwick College located in a remote area of New York. As soon as she shows up in town, mysterious things begin to happen. Her vivid childhood dreams that often featured an unknown entity she named her fairytale prince, start to occur more often and to feel more real. Could the fairytale prince of her childhood dreams be an incubus ready to prey on her as an adult and is he the only mythical being in her new town?

This is one of those books whose cover and title were enough to sell me on buying the book. The idea of the main character of the book being seduced by an incubus is an interesting one that I had never read in a fictional book. Callie’s struggle between resisting a demonic entity and being charmed by this mysterious being were the main things that I found engaging in this book.

From the outline on the back cover of the book, I knew there would be some additional supernatural beings introduced to the story once the main character entered Fairwick. However, I didn’t realize their place in the story would be so large. I felt a bit deceived because instead of a love story focused around Callie and her dream Casanova, there was a whole other plethora of side stories Callie gets caught up in related to the college, the town, and its residents. I was not interested in this aspect of the book at all and felt the story really suffered whenever it moved away from Callie and her other worldly lover. Even more disappointing was the fact that the romantic scenes between Callie and her “prince charming” always seemed to get cut off right when things would be heating up. I could have used a bit more seduction in these scenes because they always ended way before I was ready to be done with the scene.

Hopefully I’ve learned my lesson about mindlessly purchasing a book merely because the cover is pretty and the title intrigues me. The Demon Lover was not what I had imagined the story would be like when I picked up the book. I wish it had stuck to what was promised with the cover and title instead of trying to branch out into making this whole X-MEN type universe of fairytale beings living in the real world. There was a good premise here but it got lost as the story tried to fit too many different mysteries for the main character to solve in one book.



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