The Healer’s Apprentice

3 Jul

healer's(PICK IT)

Author: Melanie Dickerson

Genre: Romance YA

First Published: 2010

Page Count: 257

Type: Paperback

Film/ TV Adaptation: No

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Note: Book 1 of the Hagenheim series

A quaint fairytale that gives just enough story and romance to keep the reader’s attention.


*Sweet Story


*Misleading Title/Back Cover Summary     *Tame

“So she’d never experience love. Most married people didn’t, either.” Rose was raised a woodcutter’s daughter which meant she would probably not be able to marry for love in order to help herself and her family. However, she is given a rare opportunity to become the town healer’s apprentice which will save her from this fate. While learning this new trade, the future duke, Lord Hamlin, becomes injured. As she tends to the future duke, she begins to develop feelings for him even though she knows he is betrothed to Lady Salomea who has been in hiding for years to escape the wrath of an evil conjurer. Will Rose be able to overcome her feelings to continue her career in healing or will she try to find a way to share her life with the future duke even if it seems impossible?

Right off the bat I started to getting very subtle Sleeping Beauty vibes with the whole Lady Salomea aspect of the story. I hadn’t chosen this book because I thought it was a fairytale retelling so this was a happy surprise that it had this classic fairytale feel to it. Overall, the story is very sweet; it may not be the most exciting or most romantic or most magical book you will ever read but it is satisfying enough to entertain the reader. The conjurer, the hidden fiance, and romance between the future duke and Rose, as well as a few other subplots, gave this book enough punch for me to keep going with it to the end.

This book could have been a lot more entertaining if the romance aspect had not been so tame. It is a young adult book and it is a book with a strong influence from the Christian religion, so this seems understandable. As a side note, some people might be turned off by how much the Christian religion plays into this story but it was barely noticeable to me and it also wouldn’t have stopped me from checking out this book had I known it beforehand. Anyway, the romance was way too tame for me which was probably my biggest turn off. I also felt like the title and back cover summary were a bit misleading. I imagined Rose would be healing Lord Hamlin for the entirety of the book but his injury is quickly healed right in the beginning. While a lot of Rose’s time is spent living and interacting with the healer, I didn’t feel like very much healing ever went on except that she kept saying she was really bad at it. This is not a huge let down, but the events of the story played out way differently then I would have imagined.

This was a cute story and I wouldn’t mind checking out more of the books in this series if they are all fairytale retellings. If this book was any longer then it was, I probably would have had trouble finishing it because of how tame the romance was and how predictable the main plot twist was, but, as it is, I was satisfied with what I read. There are better fairytale retellings or medieval romance books, but this is still a cute story to check out if you really love either of those topics.



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