Review Policy

I, Christine, am the sole contributor to Without a Book. I read and review every single book from start to finish and write my review within a week of finishing the book at the latest. The reviews on Without a Book represent my sincere and thoughtful opinion of the work with no outside influence. Once my review is written  I will not change the rating unless I reread the book and this will be noted as an update. I believe that a reader’s initial, gut feeling towards a book should be reflected in the review and not some warped impression that has come with time. I feel this is the best way to write a meaningful review.

I am willing to review any genre and am open to any review requests. Any book sent to me will be reviewed on this site as well as my Goodreads account, whether the review is postive or negative. I do not sugar coat, and am very open and honest in my reviews but never without evidence of why I disliked a book. do not review:

Audio books or eBooks: I have a preference for reading from a physical book.  Therefore, I only read from hardcover or paperback books and not from E-readers. Just my preference. Also note, physical books must be in the tradtional book format. Stapled papers and unbound stories will not be reviewed.

Sequels in a series: If you are requesting a review for a sequel to a series, please either send me the proceeding books in the series or inquire as to whether I’ve read the proceeding books in the series. I will not read books out-of-order in a series.

*If any of the above conditions are not met upon receiving the review request or book itself, I have the right to refuse to read, review, or return the book. Please make sure you adhere to the guidelines to avoid sending me something I won’t read! I will not cover the cost of shipping an unread book or the book itself in the above case.

I use the 5 star rating system because I find it easiest to understand:

5 stars = Essentially Perfection

4 stars = Loved it but not perfect

3 stars = Liked it

2 stars = Didn’t like it

1 star = Hated it

I am not in any way a professional reviewer but I hope to be as genuine and fair in my reviews as possible. I welcome any discussion on my reviews in the way of comments or email because books are made to be shared and discussed. Enjoy!

Update 11/29/12: In order to be able to review books from my own collection, I am now implementing a policy of reading and reviewing  requested reviews every other book. For this reason, it might be some time before I am able to review a requested book. I do not adhere to time lines or due dates; it is within my discretion when I review a book request.


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