I – P


Imaginary Things (Andrea Lochen) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

In the Company of Educated Men (Leonce Gaiter) SKIP IT 1/5 Stars

The Invisible Man (H.G Wells) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars


Jane Austen: A Life (Carol Shields) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Jaws (Peter Benchley) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

The Jazz Cage (Ray Chen Smith) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

The Joy of Deception and Other Stories (Gretchen Johnson) PICK IT 5/5 Stars 

Judgment (Noel M. Tichy & Warren G. Bennis) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars


Keturah and Lord Death (Martine Leavitt) PICK IT 5/5 Stars


Lady Susan (Jane Austen) PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Lasher (Anne Rice) Book 2 in The Mayfair Chronicles PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Last Train to Omaha (Ann Whitely-Gillen) PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Les Miserables (Victor Hugo) PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Life of a Roadie: The Gypsy in Me (Ronnie Rush) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Lily: An American Fable (Samuel Bagby) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Living Dead in Dallas (Charlaine Harris) Book 2 in The Southern Vampire Mysteries series PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Lola Montez Conquers the Spaniards (Kit Brennan) Book 1 in the Whip Smart series PICK IT 4/5 Stars

The Lonely Tree (Yael Politis) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Lone Survivor (Marcus Luttrell and Patrick Robinson) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

The Lost City of Z (David Grann) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

The Lost Symbol (Dan Brown) Book 3 in the Robert Langdon series PICK IT 4/5 Stars

The Luxe  (Anna Godbersen) Book 1 in The Luxe series PICK IT 3/5 Stars


The Man Who Loved Too Much: Archipelago (John Rachel) Book 1 in The Man Who Loved Too Much series PICK IT 3/5 Stars

The Martian (Andy Weir) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Me Before You (Jojo Moyes) Book 1 of the series PICK IT 5/5 Stars

The Medici Boy (John L’Heureux) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Mein Kampf (Adolf Hitler) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Miles Behind Us (Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, & Cliff Rathburn) Volume 2 of The Walking Dead PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Mini Shopaholic  (Sophie Kinsella) Book 6 in the Shopaholic series PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (Ransom Riggs) Book 1 in the Miss Peregrine series PICK IT 3/5 Stars

The Mist (Stephen King) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Moonlight in the Desert of Left Behind (Jan Baumgartner) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Mother, Mother (Koren Zailckas) PICK IT 5/5 Stars


The Nanny Diaries (Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Nice Girls Still Don’t Get the Corner Office (Lois P. Frankel, PhD) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

No Rest for the Wicked (Dane Cobain) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Northanger Abbey (Jane Austen) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

N0S4A2 (Joe Hill) PICK IT 4/5 Stars


Obstacles (Christopher Michael Reardon) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

On Immunity (Eula Biss) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

On the Run (Izai Amorim) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

The One (Kiera Cass) Book 3 in The Selection series PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Outlander (Diana Gabaldon) Book 1 in the Outlander series PICK IT 4/5 Stars 

Out of Reach (Adam Hamdy) PICK IT 5/5 Stars


The Paradise (Emile Zola) PICK IT 3/5 Stars

People Who Eat Darkness (Richard Lloyd Parry) PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (Patrick Suskind) PICK IT 4/5 Stars 

Persuasion (Jane Austen) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

The Pharaoh’s Cat (Maria Luisa Lang) SKIP IT 1/5 Stars

Possessed (Thomas B. Allen) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

The Power of Body Language: How to Succeed in Every Business and Social Encounter (Tonya Reiman) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Pressed Pennies (Steven Manchester) PICK IT 4/5 Stars

The Prince (Niccolo Machiavelli) PICK IT 3/5 Stars

The Princess Bride (William Goldman) PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Psycho (Robert Bloch) PICK IT 4/5 Stars


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