Q – Z



Rachel, John

– The Man Who Loved Too Much: Archipelago Book 1 in The Man Who Loved Too Much series PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Reardon, Christopher Michael

– Obstacles SKIP IT 2/5 Stars   

Reiman, Tonya

– The Power of Body Language: How to Succeed in Every Business and Social Encounter PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Rice, Anne

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty Book 1 in The Sleeping Beauty Quartet SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

– Lasher Book 2 in The Mayfair Chronicles PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Riggs, Ransom

– Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Book 1 in the Miss Peregrine series PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Romig, Aleatha

Consequences Book 1 of the Consequences series PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Rose, E.P.

– The Conspiracy Kid PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Rumelt, Richard P.

Good Strategy Bad Strategy PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Rush, Ronnie

Life of a Roadie: The Gypsy in Me SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Ryan, Carrie

– The Dark and Hollow Places Book 3 in The Forest of Hands and Teeth series PICK IT 3/5 Stars

– The Dead-Tossed Waves Book 2 of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series PICK IT 4/5 Stars

– The Forest of Hands and Teeth Book 1 of The Forest of Hands and Teeth series PICK IT 4/5 Stars


Sandberg, Sheryl

Lean In PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Sarchie, Ralph and Cool, Lisa Collier

– Deliver Us From Evil PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Sawyer, J.F.

– Deliver Us From Evil PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Schiff, Stacy

– Cleopatra: A Life PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Shapero, Rich

– The Hope We Seek PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Sheindlin, Judge Judy

– Beauty Fades, Dumb is Forever PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Shields, Carol

– Jane Austen: A Life PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Smith, Ray Chen

– The Jazz Cage PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Smyth, Cherry

– Hold Still SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Solomons, Natasha

– The House at Tyneford PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Sparks, Nicholas

– Dear John PICK IT 3/5 Stars 

– The Wedding Sequel to The Notebook PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Stout, Robert Joe

Where Gringos Don’t Belong SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Suskind, Patrick

– Perfume: The Story of a Murderer PICK IT 4/5 Stars 

Sykes, Plum

– Bergdorf Blondes SKIP IT 2/5 Stars


Thackeray, William Makepeace

– Vanity Fair PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Tichy, Noel M.

Judgment (also by Warren G. Bennis) SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Hobbit PICK IT 5/5 Stars

– The Return of the King Book 3 in The Lord of the Rings series PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Tolstoy, Leo

– Anna Karenin PICK IT 4/5 Stars

War and Peace PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Toro, Guillermo Del and Hogan, Chuck

– The Fall  Book 2 in The Strain series PICK IT 5/5 Stars

– The Strain Book 1 in The Strain series PICK IT 5/5 Stars


Umenhofer, Lance

– And the Soft Wind Blows PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Updike, John

– The Witches of Eastwick SKIP IT 1/5 Stars



Warner, James

– All Her Father’s Guns PICK IT 3/5 Stars  

Weesner, Theodore

– The Car Thief  PICK IT 4/5 Stars

– Winning the City Redux PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Weir, Andy

The Martian SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Welch, Jack

Winning PICK IT 4/5 Stars

Wells, H.G.

The Invisible Man SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Whitely- Gillen, Ann

– Last Train to Omaha PICK IT 3/5 Stars

Wolf, T.J. & M.L.

A Gleam of Light Book 1 of The Survival Trilogy SKIP IT 2/5 Stars

Wyler, Allen

– Dead End Deal PICK IT 3/5 Stars

– Deadly Odds PICK IT 4/5 Stars

– Dead Ringer PICK IT 4/5 Stars

– Dead Wrong SKIP IT 2/5 Stars




Zailckas, Koren

Mother, Mother PICK IT 5/5 Stars

Zola, Emile

The Paradise PICK IT 3/5 Stars


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